Removal of Remains of Soldiers May 22, 1869

The Ohio State Journal

Transcribed letter of Captain Irving to his superior General Bingham

May 22, 1869 The Ohio State Journal

Removal of Remains of Soldiers.

Capt. Irving, agent of General Bingham, Chief Q.M., Department of the Lakes, is now in the city, attending to the removal of scattered bodies of soldiers, both Union and Confederate, to the principal National Cemeteries. The Union dead in this vicinity, of which there are thirty-four bodies in the Clinton Chapel Graveyard, four miles north of the city; three in the Union (Clinton) graveyard, five miles northwest of Columbus; six in the city Graveyard, southeast of the city, and six in the Old Graveyard, near the depot, in all forty -nine will be removed to Green Lawn Cemetery and re-interred in the Soldiers Lot. The removal will be completed before the 29th, the day fixed for the contemplated Floral (soldiers) celebration. This will concentrate at Green Lawn, the Union dead (outside of private lots) buried in this vicinity, making the whole number in the Soldiers Lot there about 500.

The Confederate dead in the City Graveyard Southeast of the city, 93 in number, and in the Graveyard at Camp Dennison, 31 in number, will be removed to the Confederate Cemetery at Camp Chase something over 2,000; and will concentrate all the Confederate dead buried in the State into the two Cemeteries, Camp Chase and Johnson's Island.

We are also informed by the Agent, that the Union dead at Camp Dennison will be removed to Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, and that the scattered Union dead about Cleveland have been removed to the Soldier's Lot at Woodland Cemetery.

He has authority to put the different Cemeteries in the State in a condition to afford all necessary protection to the dead."

And here is Captain Irving's report-----------------------------------------------------------------

Columbus, Ohio May 25, 1869

Brig. Gen. J.D. Bingham

Chief Q.M. Dept. Lakes

Detroit, Mich.


I have the honor to report the removal of the remains of Union and Confederate Soldiers from different places near Columbus as follows.

From Clinton Chapel to Green Lawn 29

From Union Cemetery to Green Lawn 3

From North Cemetery to Green Lawn 1

From City Cemetery to Green Lawn 6

From City Cemetery to Camp Chase 50

Total removed and re-interred 89

At the Clinton Chapel Cemetery 34 graves were opened and 5 bodies are missing.

At the North Cemetery near the depot 5 bodies are missing.

At the City Cemetery all the Union dead were found, the graves of 58 Confederates were opened and 8 are missing.

Very respectfully

Your Obb. servant

M.E. Irving

Agent Q.M. Dept."

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