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Prison Guard Instructions

Camp Chase, Ohio, April 1, 1864.


I. Guards will in no case speak to prisoners, except when the discharge of their duty compels them, nor will they converse with each other while on duty, but will keep constantly on the alert.

II. They will not permit the prisoners to approach nearer than ten feet to the fence, except at the sinks and sutler's stand.

III. They will not permit the prisoners to collect in squads, especially after night. If they do so congregate the sentinel will promptly order them to disperse. If not done instantly he will call the sergeant of the guard.

IV. They will not permit lights to be burned in quarters in the night after taps, except in case where they are directed by the officer of the guard. Where a sentinel perceives any improper light he will notify the mess to put out the light, and if not done immediately will call the sergeant of the guard.

V. Sentinels will not permit persons to loiter around the outside of the prisons, and will permit no person to approach the prison except at the gates, especially between retreat and reveille.

VI. In any rush toward the fence for the purpose of breaking it down the sentinel would be justified in firing upon the prisoners making the attempt.

VII. It is not a sentinel's whole duty to watch his own post alone, but he should watch the whole line and see that nobody trespasses on the post of the sentinel next to him while his back is turned, and that nothing improper occurs along the line. He should keep a careful lookout and report all improprieties that may come under his observation, both inside and outside the prisons.

By command of Colonel Richardson, commanding:


Captain and Acting Aide-de-Camp.

Source: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2 Volume 7 page 1

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