Henry Horton, Alabama Unassigned Conscripts

According to the census of 1860 William Horton age 54 and Malinda Horton age 43 were living in Blount County Alabama with their two sons, Thomas age 20 and Henry age 13. The family lived near the Summit Post Office in Eastern Blount County. Both sons were conscripted into the Alabama Unasigned Conscripts. Unasigned means that they had yet to be assigned to a particular military by the Confederate Military. Conscripted means that they were "drafted" if you will into Confederate Military Service.

Both brothers Thomas B. and Henry would be captured in Blount County Alabama on January 15, 1865 and both would be sent to the Camp Chase Prison via Louisville, Kentucky. Both brothers would suffer the cruel winter of 1865 at Camp Chase, at times the temperature would drop to 18 degrees below zero. The younger brother (Henry) would die on March 6, 1865 and be buried in grave 1585. Thomas would survive the War. Neither brother owned any slaves, nor did their father William.

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